You can reclaim over 50% of your hard drive space with this one simple trick

Happy with WebsiteSo, there I was …. sitting at my desk thinking ‘how am I gonna afford a new computer or hard drive, when mine is 99% full?’. I was almost in a full panic. Palms sweaty, high anxiety, the WHOLE works.  So, I started frantically deleting older applications, old mp3 files from clients, movies…anything I could get my hands on. And guess what?  It barely made a DENT in the space I desperately needed to get back.

So, I did what any ‘normal’ nerd would do, I tried a Google search (for the 100,000th time I’m sure)…but this time it did the trick. I found a free download called ‘Omni Disk Sweeper’ on this page: Omni Disk Sweeper (Now this happens to be for the Mac version…but never fear all you PC people, there is a version for you too!) Just Click here to download your version! (more…)