Michelle Hutter, 3H Virtual Services FAQ'sWhat is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A VA is simply an entrepreneur who has chosen to provide assistance for your business, remotely, from their own office.

Why would I hire one?

You only pay for EXACTLY what YOU need. Every entrepreneur has different needs for support. A VA can customize a process that works for you. A VA can provide a variety of services that you would consider for an administrative assistant, without your having to commit to a full-time hire and all of the costs and ‘headaches’ that can go along with that commitment.

Most VAs I know are committed to keeping up with the rapidly growing and changing technology, so this is one less thing you have to worry about. Let the VA be your guide and advisor when it comes to the best solutions for your needs.

What can a VA do?

VAs vary greatly in the services they offer. Many are specialized to a specific industry or area of expertise. Typically, a VA can provide ANY type of administrative support from the mundane, daily tasks you can’t even begin to think about doing yourself to helping you get a web presence, build up your client base with prospecting newsletters – you dream it up, there is a VA who can help.

How do I find the right VA for me?

Interview a VA as you would any person you would like to add to your team. Find a person who is most compatible for your ‘style’ and begin to form a relationship. Most VAs will offer a trial period – before you have to commit to a long-term relationship, so you can be sure that the ‘fit’ is right.

If you still want to know more, click around my site and see what working with a VA is all about.