Happy with WebsiteSo, there I was …. sitting at my desk thinking ‘how am I gonna afford a new computer or hard drive, when mine is 99% full?’. I was almost in a full panic. Palms sweaty, high anxiety, the WHOLE works.  So, I started frantically deleting older applications, old mp3 files from clients, movies…anything I could get my hands on. And guess what?  It barely made a DENT in the space I desperately needed to get back.

So, I did what any ‘normal’ nerd would do, I tried a Google search (for the 100,000th time I’m sure)…but this time it did the trick. I found a free download called ‘Omni Disk Sweeper’ on this page: Omni Disk Sweeper (Now this happens to be for the Mac version…but never fear all you PC people, there is a version for you too!) Just Click here to download your version!

So, after much review of the software, I found it to have an acceptable risk level and I WENT FOR IT!

It ran for about 2-3 hours…there were 997 Gb of data to sort through, after all. And, in the end, it found 697 Gb of useless, old data that I could safely remove. Mostly from cache files that are temporary files stored by programs. So, now, my 997 Gb of data, was cut down to 332 Gb on my hard drive or ALMOST 70% of my hard drive was reclaimed! It was like a miracle.

My computer no longer gives me the dreaded ‘Your startup disk is almost full’ errors … and it runs like it did when I took it out of the box!

Nerd note: If you don’t have a comfort level with deleting data from your computer, have someone else do this for you AFTER you are sure you have a full backup of your entire hard drive in at least one location.

This was literally a lifesaver for my iMac 27 and I LOVE it again! So much so, that I just had to share!

Until next time…keep on techin’!